Exercise Band Dispenser x4 – Narrow Wave

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An exercise band storage and dispensing rack with some decorative style (Narrow Wave design). Holds 4 x 50 yard rolls of TheraBand® or Rep Band® (4 inch wide resistance bands) to help keep you organized and ready. (Exercise band not included.) See full description below.

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A custom designed Resistance Band Dispenser that looks good on the clinic wall and helps keep the clinic organized with a variety of exercise bands readily available.

Please Note:

Theraband® brand, the inventor and pioneer of elastic resistance bands is widely accepted as the industry standard and are fabricated in the 4” width, the colors precisely determine the amount of resistance. Our resistance band dispensers are designed to accommodate for this 4” standard width. However, newer resistance band manufacturers have introduced products that may vary in width and strength. If using other than Theraband® (4”) please be sure of the width of your resistance bands before ordering to avoid unnecessary shipping charges. Some resistance band dispensers to accommodate 5” widths will be available soon!



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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 34 in in