Slant Board – Professional Clinic Grade


For calf stretching, including drop-foot treatment as well as strengthening and training the gastric, soleus, hamstring and other lower extremity muscles.

Experience the unmatched stability on this Professional grade slant board which allows for 8 fast, easy and secure height adjustments in 5° increments. A large super heavy duty and sturdy slant board that’s a great tool for Physical Therapy clinics or home use.  (See the full description below for more details.) On sale now!


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This TKD designed slant board offers a new kind of height adjustment system that allows for more board stability and 8 fast, easy and secure height settings in 5° increments from 0° to 40°.

Other features:

  • The metal stabilizing bar easily slides in the slotted track and securely locks down in position for the desired height.
  • Constructed to be extra sturdy with custom lock-tight joinery on the corners (see close up detail) and a 3/4″ thick rabbited in bottom.
  • Designed with the Physical Therapy clinic in mind THIS Slant Board provides a wide, solid and secure feeling pedestal board to step on which increases patient confidence.
  • This Professional Grade Slant Board, from having the most height settings of any board out there, to being super sturdy, to its unique and intriguing good looks and craftsmanship stands up to being the best built slant board on the market.
  • Stretch the calf and hamstring muscles, perform various strengthening exercises for ankle flexion, extension, also inversion and eversion in sideways stance while increasing balance and stability.
  • This heavy weight slant board was designed for function and steadiness and was built to last.
  • Sometimes called the Boomerang Slant Board ,named for its shape which naturally came along to fit the engineering.

Typically used to stretch the calf muscles, Gastrocnemius and Soleus – (soleus isolated by flexing the knee) – complex as well as helps with Hamstring stretches and strengthening in the standing position. The 5° adjustment increments makes it a great treatment for Drop-foot. Accurate Range of Motion measurements can be accessed within the 8 settings between 5° through 40° in either standing or sitting and either passively or active with the tibia placed the 90° position while it is observed whether or not the heel makes contact to the board.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 18 × 13 in in


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