Powder Board Therapeutic Table


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This powder board has a Medite MDF core top covered in woodgrain plastic laminate with rubber T-Grip molding on the edges. The legs are solidly fixed and all edges are smooth and rounded. Full 7 1/4″ clearance allows plenty of room to place unaffected or not in session limb underneath the top when and where needed.


  • Tekton Kinetic Devices recognized that the support rails underneath other typical floor model powder boards causing low clearance issues would make ideal patient positioning difficult at times so we eliminated the need for rails by constructing our Powder Boards with a sturdy Medite MDF core top that won’t sag.
  • Our  permanently fixed 7 1/4″ high legs have rounded smooth corners including the bottoms of the legs so this powder board can conveniently be set on platform mats, for those patients which have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, without fear of cutting into the vinyl top.
  • We researched the ideal height requirements for the physical therapy powder board based on measuring several different sized people in the side-lying position and observing the correct placement of both lower extremities for optimal facilitation techniques.



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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 8 in in


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