Finger Ladder / Peg Holing System


A TKD Original Design: An upgrade from the typical basic Finger Ladder that offers a great deal more versatility. Use this device to facilitate important functional movements during shoulder rehabilitation treatments. Create specific pattern movements for desired therapeutic applications while challenging the patients and keep them motivated to stay on task.

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A new kind of finger ladder that not only provides for the basic finger walking exercise but opens up numerous possibilities to engage and challenge the patient in functional training and motor skills during shoulder rehabilitation exercises in flexion/abduction/scaption as they advance in ability.

  • Comes with 7 – 3/4″ diameter pegs.
  • 1 1/2″ thickness allows for deeper peg placement.
  • Made of birch hardwood with a durable vinyl lacquered finish.
  • The top of device should typically be installed at the 7′ level for most applications.
  • Horizontal wall installation and table top applications may also apply.
  • Great versatile tool for the clinic or advancing long term shoulder retraining at home.
  • Create movement patterns, weave pegs horizontally, through the middle and vertically to challenge and increase proprioception.
  • Supports cognitive awareness training during efforts to keep on specific tasks and different configurations.



Walk fingers up the holes for Active Self-Assisted Shoulder Range of Motion.  Improve shoulder stability and motor control. Pass-through center holes can facilitate movements in forearm supination or pronation. Center divider offers depth perception training when weaving-through peg from side to side.

Cognitive and fine motor skills can be incorporated into training program by requiring specific patterns of peg placements during training involving various incline and declining exercises. This finger ladder device helps keep the patient interested and occupied as they work in a variety of patterns from either side and/or through the middle.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 45 in in


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