Exercise Ball Corbel Spork Shelf X 2 = Ship X 1


Buy 2 Exercise Ball Corbel Spork Shelves and save by only paying the shipping for 1! We discovered we can place 2 Sporks in almost the same size box as 1 and decided if you want to buy 2 we’ll pick up the extra weight freight cost and you’ll only have to pay the standard cost to ship 1.

  • 2 custom crafted exercise ball corbel shelves to store your balls with style. Fits all common sizes small-55cm, medium-65cm and large-75cm balls.


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A stylish way to store your exercise ball(s) designed and manufactured by Tekton Kinetic Devices. We also offer several correlating options including Gym Accessory Corbel Shelving, Dowel Racks and Mounting Planks for easy alignment and installation. A great way to organize and decorate your exercise ball workout zone.

Additional Information

Product dimensions are for shipping purposes and actual dimensions may vary.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 15 in in


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