Balance & Postural Stability Products

We manufacture Physical Therapy Equipment for improving balance, stability and posture. Balance & Postural Stability are important because “increasing proximal stability promotes distal mobility”. That is to say, we need our stability in order to have proper functioning and mobility in distal structures. That means to begin with, our arms and legs need a solid base and/or trunk support. Firstly, we need to make sure we’re stable at our proximal structures as in our core to be able to maintain being balanced. Secondly, the better we maintain that stability as we use our distal structures the better our arms and legs can perform. In conclusion, we must have good balance and stability to maintain good motion.

How do you improve balance and stability?

In short, to improve balance you need to practice using it because whatever you practice – you get better at.  We offer equipment that challenges you and helps you take it to the next level. To improve balance & postural stability you need to increase strength, coordination and proprioception. In addition, you might need some stretching and to build up endurance. This takes practice, some commitment and having the right tools available.