About: Tekton Kinetic Devices

Our business name meaning:
Tekton” – is a Greek word from out of the Bible which means a skilled craftsman in wood.
Kinetic” – is the science that deals with physical motion, forces and changing the effects thereof which involve the mechanisms producing movement.
Devices” – pertains to the mechanisms I build to give people the tools to accomplish their physical goals of motion.
In other words the name is intended to express:
A skilled craftsman in wood… …involved in the science that deals with physical movement… …building devices to facilitate better motion.

The Development of Tekton Kinetic Devices.

The owner, Ben, is a Master Craftsman Woodworker that after 25 years in mostly building custom cabinets decided he needed a change, a new direction in life. Pretty much to everyone’s surprise, including his own, he began a quest to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Then, I guess you could say that after conquering a few years of challenging college courses at middle age and getting his Physical Therapist Assistant License, he suddenly had an epiphany, meaning, that he realized that perhaps the change he asked for and was searching for, which was in store for him all along, was not to actually be working as a Physical Therapist Assistant, but to take his two skills and put them together and start a new business building physical therapy devices.

…But, people who ask the question how this “adventurous journey” began usually get the whole story. So here is the longer version how it came about if you’re interested… By Ben McCaughey

For some background, I started building things at very young age and currently own a 2,000sf woodworking shop. I’ve built custom cabinets most my life to make my living. That business was good to me, but I was growing tired of working 12 hour days, 7 days a week doing it all by myself like I was Superman or something. Along the way I even built my own 5,400sf home and also built it entirely by myself but reality was telling me I was facing getting older and getting plain old worn out while life simply passed me by and I began praying for a change of life which to be practical meant a new kind of job away from the construction field.

An average 8 to 5, 5 days a week job seemed a much more manageable situation. So to start my quest I began searching for another type of job. I soon ran into a problem though, being a high school dropout I found I wasn’t qualified outside of woodworking for much more than milking cows and that job really didn’t appeal top me much so I considered getting qualified for something and asked myself the important question of what else I would I enjoy doing. Then I came across Physical Therapy and it seemed a perfect fit for me. I had always worked out since beginning wrestling in grade school, trained people on occasion and enjoyed doing so. I’d carried my exercise equipment with me wherever I lived and even built a nice gym onto my new home where I exercise regularly. It made a lot of sense. So next, I went by the college and inquired about it and they had me take tests to see if I could qualify for the PTA program. I did well and the counselor said she could sign me up for the program and by the way the general education classes I need were starting in 3 weeks. Rather remarkably 3 weeks later I found myself, at middle age, sitting in college classes. – Now, mind you, if someone had suggested a couple of months before that “I” should go to college, at my age, lack of experience with academics and other factors I doubt I would have taken it serious, yet, despite everything there I was.

4 years later I had earned a college degree in Physical Therapy Applied Science and went on to become a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, although, while on this long road I often wondered what the heck I was doing throwing away my beloved life’s skills as a master craftsman woodworker, but I decided to finish all the hard work I’d started as it seemed my only practical opportunity for change.

After getting my license and while looking for a new job I kept thinking about that I might not like to be limited to work under an employer for the first time in 25 years while I also kept thinking about coming across all these physical therapy devices that not only could I build but I could build better quality and less expensive and decided to start checking into what was available out there. Suddenly the thought of my potential of putting my two skills (woodworking and physical therapy) together made absolute perfect sense. I had lots of ideas rushing into my head for new types of devices and along with this was my recognition that I the ability to build whatever I could envision and suddenly, like a kick in the forehead, I realized I would have never thought to go to college for 4 years to change my woodworking business’ direction BUT perhaps that was God’s answer to my prayer for change all along.

In the meantime, I got a call back for a physical therapy job but told them I had new plans but they asked me if I could just fill in for a couple weeks. I agreed and found it was a job where I have a gym full of equipment (tools to use!) where I was challenged to work with mostly breast cancer patients to help them gain back much needed range of motion and build strength. It also turned out I was quite good at these things and am very much appreciated for it by my employer and the patients, so I found it quite rewarding. So, for a couple years I worked there full time and then rather than just quit I went to part time so I could focus more on starting my new business.  In the meantime,with careful planning in addition to that job I have completely rebuilt and retooled my shop for a fresh new atmosphere which is geared toward producing the types of physical therapy devices I have in mind.

I am very mechanically inclined and love designing and building things. I had a saying when my customers came to my shop and asked me if I could build an unusual item, which I enjoyed doing because it was always more interesting than just monotonously building fancy box cabinets, I would say, “If it is made out of wood and I can envision it, I can build it.”

(By the way, if you have need of a specific item and don’t see it, give me a call, I’d like to hear about it and maybe see what I can come up with.)

I’m currently starting to build up inventory and have many common items yet to build which I intend on improving the quality of along the way, as well as I have several new and exciting innovative ideas to start developing that I believe to have great potential.

As for the hours, well, I find I am basically working two jobs now but hope to get a footing in the market soon and begin focusing solely on the business. This time around, being a little older and wiser as they say, I have promised myself to hire, train to my standards and oversee some helpers so I won’t be doing all the physical work by myself. So, anyway, at this point I can’t exactly say I’m slowing down. I’ve been very busy getting everything set up but it is an exciting change, I love what I’m doing and I see the potential for a promising future in it. One of the nicest parts is that the business owner (me) allows me set the pace in life that I am more comfortable with which should allow me to relax a little as I …“mature” and begin to settle down – eventually…

July, 2016