Our Name - Tekton Kinetic Devices

Our business name meaning is intended to express:

A skilled craftsman in wood… …involved in the science that deals with physical movement… …building the devices which facilitate better motion.

Tekton: To begin with “Tekton” is a Greek word which means a skilled craftsman in wood.
Kinetic: To illustrate the focus of our building we refer to “Kinetics” Which is to say the science that deals with physical motion, forces and changing the effects thereof. In particular, those things which involve the design of mechanisms producing movement.
Devices: To sum it up, what our woodworking skills and kinetic knowledge is used for. That is to say it describes the devices that we design and build.

About: Tekton Kinetic Devices

Tekton Kinetic Devices is a manufacturer pursuing the new development

of innovative physical therapy products made out of wood. Our aim is at the task to better equip clinical and personal training.

Our focus is on creating and expanding useful designs

into practical and resourceful devices. Additionally, we’re setting out to improve the quality of the equipment already typically in use in the trade.

A Custom Woodworking Shop Owner began a quest and set out to earn his PT degree,

Associate in Applied Science Physical Therapy Assisting. As a result he fulfilled his passion to work in the physical therapy field, however consequently he still had a passion for his extensive background as a master woodworker.

Through putting two distinct skills together TKD began and is quickly evolving

as a pioneer in the advancement of innovative new devices. Our goal is to improve training experiences for Physical Therapists, their clientele and general fitness-minded people.

Keep checking back for our latest developments.

Tekton Kinetic Devices, LLC