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The Story Behind Our Name:

  • Tektōn – an ancient Greek word meaning a skilled craftsman in wood.
  • Kinetic – relating to the art of movement, the study of motion and its physiological effects.
  • Devices – mechanisms designed to serve a particular purpose or perform a special function.

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New Products

Workout Station Organization

Introducing – The Spork Shelf 

Exercise Ball Shelving and Accessory Storage

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65cm Exercise Ball Corbel Shelf for Storage
Custom designed Exercise Ball Storage Rack - The Spork
75cm Exercise Ball Corbel Shelf for Storage
Exercise Ball Rack - 24" Accessory Shelf with Dowels
3 horizontal Spork exercise ball racks on plank
Exercise Ball Rack with 24" Round Accessory Shelf
3 vertical exercise ball racks with 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm balls on plank
Exercise Ball Rack, 24" Accessory Shelf
Exercise Ball Rack with 16" Accessory Shelf

Resistance Band Dispensers - Now fits all brands.

Newly designed to accommodate x6 rolls of up to 5 inch wide resistance band.
Front view of Vertical 6 roll resistance band storage and dispensing unit
Economical yet attractive x4 roll model now fits up to 5 inch wide bands.
Side View of Exercise Band Dispenser x4 with four theraband rolls

Category Previews

Shoulder Rehabilitation / Exercise Equipment

One of our passions is the field of developing and manufacturing useful physical therapy Shoulder Rehabilitation and Exercise Equipment to treat shoulder degeneration and injuries. We understand the need for versatile and practical training devices for maintenance and rehabilitation of this common pathology which affects many as we age. Fortunately, these types of injuries can often be manageable and even avoidable with focused exercise routines. See all products in this Category…

Hand Therapy / Peg Board-Motor Skills Rehabilitation Equipment

Our focus in this physical therapy equipment field is manufacturing pegboard and other therapeutic devices which help improve coordination during hand and finger treatments. Pegboard training exercises help increase proprioception, strength and general motor skills.

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Balance & Postural Stability Products

An important focus of our company is developing and manufacturing Physical Therapy Equipment for improving balance, stability and posture. Balance & Postural Stability are important because “increasing proximal stability promotes distal mobility”. That is to say, we need a good base of support in order to have proper function and maximum mobility in distal structures.

See all products in this Category…

Physical Therapy Clinic Organization & Storage Systems

Positive outcomes are evident within a clinic’s practice of keeping accessories organized and physical therapy equipment readily available. Our mission is to meet the needs for efficient clinical storage systems which help you to produce better results and provide more productive treatments.

See all products in this Category…

Physical Therapy Clinic Equipment

Developing and manufacturing professional quality physical therapy equipment for exercise training and products for organization of the clinic is our passion. Our physical therapy clinic equipment is designed to be more versatile and function to help the clinician be productive and improve patient experience.

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Best Quality Slant Boards

Users can stand with confidence on this sturdily built slant board with a wider surface. Most noteworthy it features a unique adjustment bar tracking system with 8 lever height settings which allows for quick and secure adjustments from 5 to 40 degrees in 5° increments. Unmatched stability, this slant board stands above the rest with an anti-slip deck that rests on a stronger footing !

  • A great tool for modifying intensity levels, keeping range of motion within guidelines and to measure and track progress.

Finger Ladder Peg Holing Systems

This new style of finger ladder offers many more options than just walking the fingers up steps as the patient works to increase fine motor skills. Improve shoulder stability through utilizing more joint rotations and other complex movements.

  • The best way to train and rehabilitate shoulders and upper extremities is with a great routine and this device helps make that possible.

Physical Therapy Training Stations

An exciting new concept for general assisted upright standing which offers many grip angles resulting in more hand placement options for a variety of different training exercises.

  • Maintain balance and control posture during dynamic exercises or static standing.
  • Gives confidence during more challenging routines. Therefore helps with stability and assists the clinician during difficult transfers.

Innovative Designs & Quality Craftsmanship

At Tekton Kinetic Devices:

We specialize in the custom manufacturing of high quality physical therapy and fitness equipment products that we distribute. The developer of Tekton Kinetic Devices, a master craftsman in woodworking, is experienced in the physical therapy field as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with a background as a Therapeutic Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist and currently works in the field of Physical Therapy Home Health Care.

Bringing these two professional skills together:

Our in-depth woodworking skills and knowledge of the physical therapy industry creates a unique opportunity to develop our own brand of exceptional quality products. If we see the need for a product that is often better built out of wood and we can envision a device that fulfills need, we can build it, and this enables us to provide better quality and innovative products at a competitive price.


We pass on our lowest wholesale shipping costs directly to our customers. No marking up prices in order to cover the cost of making claims to offer free shipping. Furthermore, we save you money on shipping by making our own custom sized boxes which eliminates extra dimensional weight charges to insure the lowest prices possible.


Our work is performed with care and we offer first-rate customer services. If you have any questions, need advice or have a product in mind you would like to see please write or call 602-339-1243 and ask for Ben.


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